Thinking about outsourcing your customer support? We got you!

Nearly 87% of customers say they will strongly consider switching to a competitor when encountering bad customer service. 55% say they will leave after only one instance of terrible service.

Many companies outsource their customer service today. These organizations know that customer service is critical, and outsourcing enables them to provide customer support while freeing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

The preservation and retention of your hard fought customer base is undoubtedly vital. And since providing excellent customer service to keep customers happy can lead to a healthy and thriving business, it deserves the utmost attention. Yet, building a great customer support team can be a daunting and expensive proposition. Sadly, some companies struggle to get it right. Outsourcing customer service to a chatbot or someone who doesn’t understand your business won’t help, and in fact can do irreparable harm by creating a disconnect with your customers. Treating customer care as an afterthought rather than a crucial priority can have devastating consequences.

So what is the solution? Outsourcing your customer service the right way of course. That’s where Rockon Interactive comes in.

Brands choose us for:
Friendly, prompt, attentive support that scales with their business
We know customer service, and we expertly handle support tickets
Proactive customer engagement on chat, email, and phone
Help article creation and updates for growing knowledge base repositories
Automatic customer insights to track progress and ROI
AI technology integrations to augment on-brand and accurate customer conversations

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