Website HostingĀ  & Support

Come on in. We invite you to join our happy family of Rock Stars. We take our website shepherding responsibilities very seriously. We provide a safe, secure harbor for your website. We run diagnostics and apply security updates 24/7 in order to keep the bad guys at bay. AND best of all, our monthly hosting packages include labor support hours which can be allocated for essentially anything, including: design, development, search optimization, social network and email marketing management, etc. These packages are very affordable, offering you a steep discount off our normal hourly rates.

Hosting is one of those things that we do extremely well. We keep your website backed-up and functioning as it should so that you can stay focused on running your business. Here’s a list of why you should host with RockOn Interactive (also read our testimonials):

  • Personalized, on-the-spot management. You can reach us around the clock. If there’s a request or a problem, we’ll attend to it promptly (usually much faster than you anticipated!) We monitor your website’s up-time and performance 24/7.
  • Keep it under one roof. It’s generally advisable to keep those most familiar with the inner workings of your website – the code, setup and structure – also as your host company (if properly equipped to do so). Our servers are optimized for your website. Ease of access enables us to stay on top of things, so if an issue does arise, we’ll be able to respond quickly with the required course of action.
  • Your commitment to RockOn solidifies our commitment back to you. When you host with us, we’re more inclined to go above and beyond to help you out with special requests. We’ve also been known to do favors on occasion at no cost! It’s this commitment between companies that lays a strong foundation for trust and a favorable technology partnership.
  • The personal touch – a genuine human connection. This is what we do, every day, all day. It’s our passion. We’ve been hosting and supporting websites on the Central Coast and out of state for many years now and we’re not going anywhere. We care very much about your success and this obviously reflects on our own business.

Questions? Find out more or request your free consultation. Contact us today.